Royal Ranger History



Royal Rangers is now over 50 years old, and many of our founders are no longer with us. The Royal Rangers History site ( is designed to help capture details from the early years of Royal Rangers so that future generations can understand why and how this ministry was started and how it has developed to the point it is at today. Thus, this site captures patches from the earliest of camps to copies of original manuals prepared by Johnnie Barnes, copies of Dispatch and High Adventure magazines, and the latest resources available to Royal Rangers today. It is easy to see that just as boys and their needs have changed over the history of Royal Rangers ministry, the tools and techniques we have used to reach them have changed as well. But the words that Johnnie Barnes, our founder, wrote in 1962 are still true today:

“A new age is upon us! It is an age of jet travel, space consciousness, pleasure madness, and more indifference. Our boys are growing up in this overpowering environment. They will be the victims of it unless our church men do something to guide the energies and thoughts of the boys into right spiritual channels. Action must be taken quickly.”



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