Purpose of FCF

     The threefold purpose of FCF is to:

  • Inspire brotherhood amoung our members
  • Promote personal development through advancment and training
  • Provide valable service to Royal Rangers and beyond

FCF Pledge

"I share with you the warmth and glow of this campfire. These crimson flames are a symbol of our fellowship and adventures in camping. I promise to share with you the warmth of Christian friendship and with others the light of my Christian testimony. I promise to keep alive the spirit of FCF in my personal life and to observe at all times the principles of Royal Rangers."


FCF Motto

To Give and to Serve" (In Latin: Ad Dare Servire

FCF Symbol

The blazing campfire is the offical symbol of FCF, demonstrated through the warmth of Christian love, the light of personal witness, and the usefulness of dedicated service. The FCF symbol includes five logs which represent the five elements that are essential to keeping alive the spirit of FCF. Every FCF member is encouraged to:

  • Demonstrate Courage
  • Pursue Achievement
  • Develop Friendships
  • Practice Leadership
  • Display Woodsmanship


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